Teacher Le Van Hoang inspires students with passion for history

(VOVWORLD) - Teacher Le Van Hoang in Ea H’leo district, Dak Lak province, has a great passion for archaeology. His collection of archaeological artifacts has inspired students in his history class and contributed greatly to Dak Lak museum. 
Teacher Le Van Hoang inspires students with passion for history - ảnh 1(Photo: Huong Ly) 

A class on human evolution taught by Le Van Hoang at Hoang Van Thu junior secondary school in Cu Amung commune is exciting because of the pictures and tools Hoang uses to illustrate the lesson. Students can see and touch ancient human’s objects, which helps them imagine what life was like in the past. Nguyen Thi Tuong Vi, a 6th grader, said: “I’m interested in history lessons that are taught in an interesting way. Thanks to the artifacts collected by teacher Hoang and other students, we understand the lessons better”.

Hoang has collected historical artifacts for over 10 years. Now, he has more than 600 objects of great archaeological value - axes, chisels, pounding pestles, and pottery. Those tools were used by humans from the New Stone Age to the Early Iron Age about 3,000 years ago.

Ms. Hoang Thi Tuyet, the principal of Hoang Van Thu school, admits that the school’s facilities are limited. That makes Hoang’s collection of artifacts particularly useful and inspiring to students: “Hoang is creative and always seeks new ways to get his students interested in the lessons. His classes are exciting”.

Hoang has donated 50 artifacts to the Dak Lak museum for research purposes. He said he will work with the museum on more excavation projects. Hoang said: “There is a lot to explore in the Central Highlands area. I will work with the specialized agencies looking for archaeological discoveries in Cu Amung and hope to include those historical findings in a future textbook”.