Teacher Phan Thi Hoa Le’s teaching aids boost child development

(VOVworld) – A toolkit to develop children’s physical movement created by teacher Phan Thi Hoa Le won first prize at a teaching aid competition sponsored by Hanoi’s Department of Education and Training. Hoa’s initiative helps boost a child skill and self-confidence.
Teacher Phan Thi Hoa Le’s teaching aids boost child development - ảnh 1
(Photo: phonggiaoductxcb.edu.vn)
Phan Thi Hoa Le graduated from the College of Pedagogy and then worked at the Vietnam- Korea Friendship Kindergarten in Dong Da district, Hanoi. During her 12-year career, Le has created a number of teaching and learning toolkits to promote children’s knowledge, self-confidence, and skills. This year Le created a  toolkit which includes devices to develop children’s hand and leg muscles, really interests the children. 5-year-old Nguyen Ngoc Minh, who attends the Vietnam- Korea Friendship Kindergarten, said: “I like toys like Legos and cooking sets. My friends also like playing with those toys”.

Le said the toolkits, made from simple, easy-to-find materials, develop children’s strength and physical skills. After being tested for 1 year, they have proved to be useful in boosting a child’s skill and self-confidence. Ms. Hoa Le said: “From my experience in teaching and taking care of children I know what they need and I thought of developing this toolkit. The progress of the children has encouraged me a lot”.

Le’s initiatives have encouraged a movement to create other teaching aids at her kindergarten. So far, the kindergarten’s teachers have created more than 100 teaching kits. Hoa Le has been honored as an excellent teacher in physical and arts education. In the 2013-2014 school year, Le won a municipal prize for her initiative of using toys to develop the language ability of children aged 5 to 6. Vu Ngoc Lan Hoa, deputy head of the Vietnam- Korea Friendship Kindergarten, said the teachers are encouraged to create things used for kids: “Children can learn a lot through creative toys. Ms. Le has created many teaching tools made from simple materials. Her initiatives have encouraged other teachers to follow her example”.

Hoa Le has also been active in social work, collecting money, clothes, and books for disadvantaged children and giving gifts and donating blood to child patients. Her great passion and love for children has driven Hoa Le to make a significant contribution to the development of the education sector.