Tran Duyen Hai and President Ho Chi Minh’s teaching

(VOVworld) – 80-year-old Tran Duyen Hai lives in a small alley in Hanoi. For more than 30 years, with his own money and efforts Hai has given many unfortunate children a more meaningful life.

Tran Duyen Hai and President Ho Chi Minh’s teaching - ảnh 1

When Hai was a vocational teacher, he used to pass by Hoan Kiem lake in downtown Hanoi. He sympathized with the homeless children who begged or stole to get some food. In 1982 Hai retired early and with some friends of his, began to teach tailoring to these children. In 2001 Hai’s house finally received official recognition as a vocational training and job center for children with disabilities. At his center, Hai displays many sayings of President Ho Chi Minh which he says helped him overcome many difficulties. Hai says Ho Chi Minh’s ideology and moral example encouraged him to contribute more to society: “President Ho Chi Minh’s portrait and teachings gave me the determination to move forward. I think the movement to follow his moral example is very meaningful.”

Hai hired teachers to teach the children and took orders from garment and textile companies to help them earn some money. Hai says: “We provide vocational training to around 100 disadvantaged children a year. The children then can work to support themselves and their families.”

Tran Duyen Hai and President Ho Chi Minh’s teaching - ảnh 2

The second floor of the center is dedicated to making wedding dresses and bead accessories. In the scorching heat of summer, disabled Tran Thi Hai Ly of Phu Tho province is patiently threading beads while listening to music on her mobile phone. She sat at home for 25 years without doing anything. A friend told her about Hai’s center and after just 3 months she learned a trade to support herself: “I didn’t think I could learn a job to support myself. Now I earn approximately 50 USD a month. I was sad seeing my healthy peers work while I did nothing. I have many friends here in the same circumstance.”

Tran Duyen Hai and President Ho Chi Minh’s teaching - ảnh 3

20-year-old Dinh Giao Linh of Hoa Binh province has leg disabilities. Linh has been at the center for two years. He said he was lucky to find this center because it has made his life more meaningful: “People with disabilities can do most of the things any normal person can. We have a good environment here. Teacher Hai is my second father and sometimes a friend.”