Tran Thi Hang, a role model in new rural development in Hung Yen province

(VOVWORLD) - Ms. Tran Thi Hang and her family have been considered role models in the campaign to build new-style rural areas in Doan Dao commune, Hung Yen province. Hang is also a dedicated member of the local Women’s Association.
Tran Thi Hang, a role model in new rural development in Hung Yen province - ảnh 1Ms. Tran Thi Hang (left) (Photo: Thu Hang/ VOV) 

The new rural development project began in Doan Dao commune in 2011, with transforming local transport links and roads. Thankfully, local people responded positively to the project and were quickly on board. As the previous roads were not wide enough, land clearance was needed to expand the construction. Tran Thi Hang’s family decided to donate part of their land in the hope that the long-term benefit meant that people would no longer be forced to travel on narrow and dusty roads. Ms. Hang said: “My house’s auxiliary construction has been completed at a cost of around 4,400 USD. All family members discussed the situation and decided to remove that for road expansion. We know this would benefit the people, including us”.

Following her family’s example, almost one hundred other households in the commune also donated their land. A wide, clean and modern road was opened, meeting the transportation demand of the local people. Ms. Hang and members of the communal Women’s’ Association then set up a group to oversee maintenance of the surround area.

As the head of the Doan Dao hamlet Women’s’ Association, Ms. Hang encourages locals to follow a cultural lifestyle, and assists them in farming, husbandry, and building and maintaining an advanced, modern happy family. Mai Thi Thanh Huong, Chairwoman of the Doan Dao communal Women’s’ Association, said: “Ms. Hang is a role model for new rural development movements. Not only is her family active to respond to the development, Hang, herself, encourages many people to contribute as much as they possibly can”.

Tran Thi Hang and her family certainly set a fine example for people far and wide and continually show that, even for smaller rural areas, anything is possible.