Trinh Minh Chuc’s idea to popularize computer sciences

(VOVworld) – Ga Ry is a disadvantaged border commune in Tay Giang district in the central province of Quang Nam. The local authorities have decided to reduce spending on meetings and set aside some money to buy computers as a way to ease document delivery. This was the idea of Trinh Minh Chuc, Under Secretary of the commune’s Party Committee.

Trinh Minh Chuc’s idea to popularize computer sciences  - ảnh 1

Captain Trinh Minh Chuc was dispatched to Ga Ry commune in 2010. Chuc quickly found out that the local officers really needed to use computers to acquire new knowledge via the Internet. After 2 computers were bought on his recommendation, Chuc began to teach basic IT techniques to the officers on the weekend. The beginning is always difficult, but the officers have become familiar with computers. Vice Chairman of Ga Ry commune Zo Ram Nhung learned to work with computers in just 3 months. Realizing the effectiveness of computers, Nhung bought a 500 USD computer to study and to work. He is now one of the best computer users in the commune: “I had many difficulties in learning to use a computer and Chuc had to show me every single step. Computer usage has made it easier to type and print materials for meetings and conferences.”

Trinh Minh Chuc’s idea to popularize computer sciences  - ảnh 2

Many people in the commune have bought computers after attending Chuc’s computer science classes. There are currently 32 computers here and every officer is eager to learn because computers facilitate administrative procedures. They also are learning to access the Internet to broaden their knowledge. The computer has changed their thinking and working style, Chuc said: “One third of the local officers now know how to use computers to do administrative work and handle their personal matters. They’ve learned new ways to develop the economy via the Internet.”

Chuc has not only helped to introduce computer science in Ga Ry but has also helped farmers improve their living conditions. He is one of those assigned to oversee the 13 households applying the small and medium-sized farm model and projects to grow profitable Ngoc Linh ginseng in the commune.