War veteran Phan The Nghiep

(VOVworld) – Colonel Phan The Nghiep is former Director of Military Hospital 115. For years the retired doctor has been providing free medical check-ups and medicine to the poor in ward 15, District 5, Ho Chi Minh city. Hieu Hien reports:

War veteran Phan The Nghiep  - ảnh 1

Nghiep retired 17 years ago but has been lecturing medical students for free. He devotes the rest of his free time to social activities and providing medical examinations and treatment to people in remote areas. Recently Nghiep received a 65-year Party membership insignia and 300 USD, which he donated to his ward’s no-interest loan fund to support the poor. Trieu Le Anh, one of the beneficiaries, said: “I’m happy to have received a loan of 250USD. I will use the money to open a small café to support my family.”

War veteran Phan The Nghiep  - ảnh 2

Doctor Nghiep and the People’s Committee established a volunteer medical examination team and called on other doctors to help the poor. In 3 years, the team, led by Nghiep, has provided free medical examinations and medicine worth 15,000 USD. Once a year Nghiep and the city’s Volunteer Doctors’ Association organize a day to provide free medical examinations to the 150 most disadvantaged households in the ward. Nghiep personally goes to their houses to help them. Ngo Duc Sinh said his enthusiasm has given them hope and optimism: “Mr. Nghiep cares a lot about the poor, war invalids, and his comrades. He visits me every month and advises me on how to live a healthy life.”

War veteran Phan The Nghiep  - ảnh 3

Doctor Nghiep’s social activities include providing scholarships for poor students and buying health insurance for poor households. He has been giving 2 lonely elderly persons 25 USD a month each. Nghiep said: “As long as I stay healthy I will continue to do this. The motto of my life is: others’ happiness is your happiness.”

During the war against US imperialists, Nghiep treated many wounded soldiers and now in peace time he has upheld the fine character of a soldier of Uncle Ho. Tran Thi Phuong Hong, President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front of ward 15, said: “Doctor Nghiep has contributed significantly to poverty reduction and social welfare in the area. His happiness is to share with and support the poor.”