War veteran Trinh Van Sy, a role model for doing business

(VOVworld) – Despite physical difficulties, war veteran Trinh Van Sy in Cai Lay district, Tien Giang province, was still determined and became a role model in business, earning profits of billions of VND each year.
War veteran Trinh Van Sy, a role model for doing business   - ảnh 1
Trinh Van Sy returned home from the army 30 years ago. He took different jobs to earn a living. After saving some money, Sy started growing mandarin oranges on his 3,000 square meters of land. Then, Sy expanded the area to grow durians. Now, Sy’s 1.5 hectares produce around 15 tons of durians, earning him about 1 billion VND each year.
Besides farming, Mr. Sy won a contract to develop docks in Cai Lay district. The water transportation business earned Sy’s family 2 to 3 billion VND per year, thanks to Sy’s tireless effort, creativity, and determination. Mr. Sy said: “Having served in the army, I always bear in mind the moral example of President Ho Chi Minh’s hard work and thrift. I became well-off thanks to good crops of durians. I now want to support other poor people in the locality”.  

Mr. Sy said he plans to expand his durian plantation and develop eco-tourism: “I intend to buy an ambulance to provide free transportation for the poor. My durian plantation will also be exploited to develop eco-tourism. I’m calling for further investment to promote new rural development”.

Trinh Van Sy is active in social work in his locality. Every year, Mr. Sy donates 400 million VND to build charity houses and develop new rural areas in local communes. Phan Van Chot, Vice Chairman of Ngu Hiep commune’s Farmers’ Association, said: “War veteran Trinh Van Sy is a role model for doing business in Ngu Hiep commune. He has made considerable material contributions to new rural development in the area”.