Audience survey for radio learning English series Obla Air

(VOVworld) - Obla Air, a radio learning English series sponsored by the British Council, has been broadcast on VOV24/7 for one year and a half.

We now conduct a small-scale survey to know how Obla Air has helped improve your English skills.

a) What do you like most about British Council Learning English Radio programmes?

b) What do you like least about British Council Learn English Radio programmes?

c) How would you rate the level of English in the programme?

d) How would you say the programmes have helped you improve your language skills?

e) How would you say you’ve benefitted from the programmes?

f) Have the programmes made any difference to your confidence in speaking English? How?

g) Do you feel you have acquired new knowledge and/or skills by listening to British Council Learn English Radio programmes?

Please send your feedback to our email address: or to English section, VOVworld, 45 Ba Trieu Street, Hanoi.


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