Notice from Binh Dinh People's Court to US citizen Moneice Kim Le Booty

The Binh Dinh provincial People’s Court requests that Mrs. Moneice Kim Le Booty, born in 1984, be present at the headquarters of the Binh Dinh provincial People’s Court at 1 Le Loi road, Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh province to handle the divorce case with Mr. Ngo Van Minh.

Mrs. Moneice Kim Le Booty holds US citizenship and passport (No: 402291217). Her most recently known address is 126 South Verret, Morgan City, Louisiana 70380, USA. If there is no response from Mrs. Huynh Thi Sandy within one month since this notice is publicized on VOVWORLD, the Court will handle the case in her absence as stipulated by Vietnamese law.