Quang Binh provincial Court’s Decree of Divorce involving Korean citizen Lee Je Yeong

The Quang Binh provincial People's Court would like to inform Mr. Lee Je Yeong, born April 4, 1961, of the Decree of Divorce (No. 14/2017/HNGD-ST) dated August 11, 2017.

Mr. Lee Je Yeong’s most recently known address is Daegug Wang-Yeogsi Seogubisan5 Dong 1008-BeonJi, the Republic of Korea. 

1. Pursuant to Articles 35, 37, 40, 147, 153, 469, 477, 479 of the Civil Procedure Code; Article 56 of the Law on Marriage and Family; Article 27 of the Ordinance on Court Costs and Fees (No. 10/2009/PL-UBTVQH dated February 27, 2009) of the National Assembly Standing Committee; and Circular 18/2014/TT-BTC of the Ministry of Finance dated February 11, 2014, it is ordered and decreed by the Court that Mrs. Vo Thi Be, the petitioner, and Mr. Lee Je Yeong, the respondent, are divorced and that the marriage between them is dissolved.

2. Mrs. Vo Thi Be paid the court fee and the overseas judicial entrustment cost. The payments were deducted from the court fee advance she made on November 30, 2015 at the Quang Binh provincial Department of Civil Judgment Enforcement. 

Mrs. Vo Thi be has the right to file an appeal against the Court’s ruling at a higher court in Da Nang city within 15 days after the decree is announced. The duration for Mr. Lee Je Yeong to file an appeal against the Court’s ruling is 01 month since the decree is announced. 

The Decree of Divorce will come into force if the above-mentioned duration expires without Mr. Yang Seung Woo’s appeal.