Belly dance movement in Hanoi

(VOVworld) – Belly dance, a Middle Eastern dance, has recently become popular in Vietnam. It not only helps women lose weight through different movements but also makes them feel more self-confident and happier. 
Belly dance movement in Hanoi - ảnh 1
“I am 60 years old. I have practiced belly dance for nearly 2 years. The dance makes our body more flexible. A lot of movement also helps good blood circulation”.

“I feel relaxed when taking part in this dance. The belly dance is good for your health. It also makes the women more graceful along with healthier body”.

That was Mrs. Nguyen Kim Thu and Dieu Hang, members of the belly dance club at the Friendship Cultural Palace in Hanoi. Some are beginners, some are advanced, but they all have a great passion for belly dance.

First coming to Vietnam in 2008, the belly dance has become a popular trend, attracting women of different ages. Many practice it to keep fit and have a well-proportioned body. The smooth movement of the belly and the hip together with music creates the attraction of the dance. Nadia Nikishenko is a Russian belly dancer: “I think it is great that belly dance is so popular among young girls cause it brings really healthy spirit and healthy body in your life. You can enjoy dancing with your body and soul that makes you feel happy because any kind of dance makes you happy. Belly dance is the most feminine dance style. I should say that not only young girls should be interested in this style of dance. You should make it more popular among older women because it is healthy for your body. If they spend some time on belly dance, it would be great".

The belly dance is first attractive because of its beautiful costumes and accessories. But it requires patience and passion to follow this kind of dance. According to Malaysian artist Hilton Lijun, the more difficult the movement is, the more beautiful and soulful it is. The belly dance requires dancers to have a good combination of different movements and a sense of music: “Belly dance is for everyone. Everybody says you are fat, you’re thin, you’re small, you’re petite, you’re tall, whatever. Whoever, everyone can do belly dance. I mean the workshop yesterday, so I only see female dancers. OK, I think they are good, may be they need to, like, study more or in depth, of the dance itself, like more theories to implement into their own dancing. And they will improve”.  

Belly dance movement in Hanoi - ảnh 2

Belly dance can provide self-confidence and optimism for women. It not only helps women have a better body through graceful moves but makes them happier through the rhythm and music. Do Hong Hanh, a belly dancer, said belly dance performances have become more and more attractive and creative with its integrated images and ideas: “The belly dance is a free style dance, which you can dance solo or with another person. The dancers are well-dressed and have creative accessories. Vietnam’s belly dance has gained a firm foothold in Asia and has two branches, oriental and tribal. Vietnam is strong in the tribal form, and I won a championship title for this style in Europe”.

A number of belly dance festivals and contests have been held, attracting more and more Vietnamese people to participate in.