Border guards welcome spring in westernmost region

(VOVworld) – A Pa Chai hamlet in the westernmost province of Dien Bien is where the borders of Vietnam, China and Laos meet. As spring approaches, the soldiers of Border Guard station 317 are preparing to welcome Tet, the lunar new year festival.

Border guards welcome spring in westernmost region - ảnh 1

Border Station 317 is tasked with defending 37.5km of the Vietnam-Laos and Vietnam-China borders. The soldiers have been helping the people in Sin Thau commune, most of whom are of Ha Nhi ethnicity, to improve their lives. Last year, they contributed thousands of mandays to helping people grow rice and corn, expand irrigation facilities and roads, and repair schools and houses. The soldiers also provided them with free medical checkups and medicine.   

Border guards welcome spring in westernmost region - ảnh 2

The number of poor households in Sin Thau has been reduced considerably thanks to state investment and the soldiers’ support. The soldiers have built a number of houses to help disadvantaged families welcome Tet. The joy of Chu My Na’s family in Ta Co Khu hamlet has multiplied because they not only have a new house but have been recognized as a cultured family. Na says: “We are grateful for the support of the State and the soldiers. We will continue to help the soldiers to safeguard the border.”

While preparing for Tet, the border guards have worked out plans to cope with any contingency. Political commissar Senior Lieutenant Colonel Le Van Thinh says: “We have prepared sufficient food, confectionaries and other essential goods for Tet. We will fulfill our duty of protecting the border and ensuring social security and order in the area during Tet.”