Devotion music award 2017 nominees announced

(VOVworld) – Nominees for the Devotion Music Awards 2017 were announced by the Vietnam News Agency’s Sports and Culture newspaper in Hanoi on February 22. This year, the award has a new category “Best producer of the Year” to bring the total award categories to 19.

Devotion music award 2017 nominees announced - ảnh 1
Duc Hung won 3 awards for musician, song, and MV of the Year 2016

Nominees for all categories include famous names and new faces such as musician Pho Duc Phuong, Tran Manh Tuan, and Hong Kien, singer Tran Thu Ha, Ho Ngoc Ha, Dong Nhi, Noo Phuoc Thinh, and Soobin Hoang Son.

Nominations for the new category “Best producer of the Year” are Khac Hung, Do Hieu, Hong Kien, Hoai Sa, and Quoc Trung. Producer Khac Hung has been involved in many music projects in 2016. Musician Do Hieu has been well-known to the public in the TV music program “Dreams begin”. Musician Hong Kien has been famous with his role in “In the Spotlight 2017” and big music events in 2016. Other nominees are Director of Sing My Song, musician Hoai Sa and musician Quoc Trung, the mastermind of the prestigious Monsoon Music Festival.  

Nguyen Huu Trinh, Deputy Director of the organizing board, said: “The development of the music market has promoted many new artists and products. The artists need a producer to guide them to produce music products suitable to the public taste and market trend. We include a new category “Best producer of the Year” to honor the important role of music producers.”

The category for “Best Music Video of the Year” has five contenders: “Banh troi nuoc” by Hoang Thuy Linh and Ho Hoai Anh, “Bong bong bang bang”, covered by 365 Group, “Cause I love you” by Noo Phuoc Thinh and Do Hieu, “Gui anh xa nho” by Bich Phuong and Tien Cookie; and “Phia sau mot co gai” by Soobin Hoang Son and Tien Cookie. Erik, Le Thien Hieu, Truong Thao Nhi, Soobin Hoang Son, and Hoang Rob are nominated for the New Artist of the Year award. Hoang Rob said: “Contemporary music is a playing field for young people. Many young artists are contributing to Vietnam’s music development.”

Nguyen Thu Hang, a nominee for the Best Album of the Year, said. “”My album “Trong” consists of 5 songs by musician Duong Cam, Pham Thanh Ha, and Tran Tien. The album has a contemporary folk music theme. I hope my music will win people’s hearts.”

In the Spotlight, Monsoon Music Festival, Sing My Song, The Remix, and the Voice Kid are nominated for the Best Music Program Series award. Nominees for the Best Television Music Show award include “Doi ban tay thap lua” which rekindled music passion, particularly Rock, by The Wall band and late musician Tran Lap.

Guitarist Tran Tuan Hung, a co-founder of the The Wall, said: “Over the past decade, we have been longing for a Devotion Music Awards nomination. But this show was not intended for the Devotion Music Awards. We made it to pay tribute to Tran Lap and inspire good things in society.”

Nominees for Best Musician of the Year are Tien Cookie, Do Hieu, Khac Hung, Hong Kien and Tran Manh Tuan.

The Devotion Music Awards were first launched in 2004 by the Sport and Culture newspaper. The award ceremony will take place in Ho Chi Minh City in April.


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