Human kindness in coping with flooding in Quang Binh

(VOVworld) – Low atmospheric pressure and cold spells, which caused torrential rains and serious floods in large scale in the central region, had claimed many lives and damaged property. Quang Binh was the most seriously affected province. VOV reports on human kindness and the spirit of the haves help the have-nots.

Human kindness in coping with flooding in Quang Binh - ảnh 1
Policemen in Quang Binh join rescue works to bring food to people isolated by flood

Tran Thi Thu Cuc in Xuan Tong hamlet, Van Hoa commune, Tuyen Hoa district, Quang Binh province still remembers the stunned moments when flooding swept through her hamlet. Her family of 5 people could not turn their hands but just climbed to the wooden garret. A rescue boat of Van Hoa commune came after that to take them to the communal People’s Committee’s headquarters.

The flood inundated over 1,000 houses in Van Hoa commune. The villagers shared with each other a pack of instant noodle, a bowl of rice, or a bottle of water. Le Hoai Nam in Xuan Son hamlet, Van Hoa commune, says: “When the flood withdrew, we had no food, no water. With support from the communal authority and other organizations, we have gradually overcome our difficulties.”

Human kindness in coping with flooding in Quang Binh - ảnh 2
Rescue forces bring instant noodle to families isolated by flood

Luong Thanh Tan, Chairman of the Van Hoa Communal People’s Council, said: “We have encouraged all villagers and functional forces to clean the environment. The most essential thing is to have food and water. We have appealed to all sectors, organizations, and donors to help them buy instant noodle, rice, and water.”

Most houses in Trung Trach commune, Bo Trach district, were submerged.  Less affected people are helping others repair houses. They share food and water so no one suffers from hunger. Duong Dinh Lien, Secretary of Trung Trach Communal Party Committee, says: We have asked people, who were less affected, to help others’ in seriously submerged areas to restore their houses. The health sector has been in charge of clean water. We’ve provided food to households whose grains were submerged.”

In Bac Trach commune, the villagers have set aside their family business to work with the local authority to repair the broken dyke. Nguyen Ngoc Tuan, Vice Chairman of Bo Trach commune said all people have worked together to clean the environment and repair damaged houses.

In Tan Hoa commune, 680 houses were submerged to the roofs. Local people have helped each other to evacuate grains and assets to higher places. Truong Cong Hung in Tan Hoa commune says: “When a person was reported missing, all villagers went out to find him by all means. The residents here are very united.”

After the floods needed, organizations and individuals nationwide sent humanitarian aids worth about 25 billion VND to flood-affected people in Quang Binh province. Nguyen Huu Hoai, Chairman of Quang Binh provincial People’s Committee, says: “We acknowledge the presents and encouraging words from kindhearted people. On behalf of Quang Binh authority and people, I sincerely thank you for supporting people in Quang Binh and the central region in general to overcome their difficulties.”

It will take time and effort to resolve the aftermath of floods in Quang Binh. Support from kindhearted people inside and outside Vietnam will help them stabilize their lives soon.
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