Journalist My Tra and the photo exhibition “Truong Sa – Here we come”

(VOVworld) - A wish to step foot on the Truong Sa islands, Truong Sa district, Khanh Hoa province, a holy land of Vietnam is the wish of many Vietnamese people including journalist My Tra of VOV. Overcoming all the hardships on the journey to Truong Sa, My Tra has made her dream come true and one of the most precious things she got after the trip is a photo exhibition, themed "Truong Sa - where we come", opened in Hanoi this week.

“I have been a reporter for nearly 20 years, and going to Truong Sa is one of my biggest dreams. I first thought that the journey to Truong Sa would be very difficult especially for women like me. However, my dream has defeated my fear, and I have taken a risk to go to Truong Sa.”

Journalist My Tra and the photo exhibition “Truong Sa – Here we come” - ảnh 1
Journalist My Tra

Journalist My Tra’s journey to Truong Sa islands was unforgettable memory. In early June, My Tra was on the Truong Sa ship 571 to Truong Sa islands. Tra said that during two days on board, she had to suffer from terrible seasickness but at the moment when she stepped on the Truong Sa islands, she was immediately amazed by the imposing beauty of the islands. “I did not miss any moment during my trip to Truong Sa. I put all my passion and love into each photo shot taken there. I had a chance to experience a rain shower on Truong Sa islands, and a beautiful rainbow appeared right after the rain. I climbed on the roof to have a better view of the rainbow starting from a boat and ending at the submerged island, where a soldier is guarding and looking towards a lighthouse.”

Holding photos on her hands, My Tra was excitingly talking about each photo she took on Truong Sa islands. She said: “I took thousands of photos, capturing all the beautiful moments I witnessed there. I have valued each moment living on Truong Sa islands because I really don’t know when I will have a chance to come back there. I was only thinking about how to take as many photos as I could even when I suffered from seasickness.”

More than two months after leaving Truong Sa islands, besides many articles about this place, My Tra has planned to do many things for Truong Sa islands, one of them is the photo exhibition “Truong Sa – Here we come”. With about 70 photos divided into topics: the astonishing landscapes of Truong Sa, the beauty of naval soldiers, and daily life on the islands. The exhibition has received supports from many agencies, clubs and organizations, namely the Youth Club for homeland islands of the Vietnam Youth Federation Central Committee. Mrs Nguyen Thi Thu Huong, president of the club said that My Tra is the first journalist to open an exhibition on Truong Sa islands.  Mrs Huong said: “I am very happy when a female journalist with a great passion and love for the sea and islands visits Truong Sa islands. What My Tra has done is very meaningful and contributes greatly to introducing Vietnam’s beauty to foreign friends. A good idea, a great source and with the great support of her colleagues and generations of the youth and elderly.”

My Tra’s Passion and love for Truong Sa has helped her to complete many works, notably are a series of articles on the history of Truong Sa, Hoang Sa and protecting the sovereignty of Vietnam islands of the previous generations. The latest series, reporting on the opinions of foreign experts on Vietnam’s island sovereignty, and historical evidence regarding the Hoang Sa and Truong Sa archipelagoes have received the consolation prize at the National Press Awards.

After the photo exhibition “Truong Sa – Here we come”, journalist My Tra will publish a photography  book about Truong Sa district so that more people will have a better understanding of life on the islands. My Tra hopes that her exhibition and book on will inspire the younger generation to love Truong Sa Islands as well as the country more.