Poplar tree dance typifies Russian soul

(VOVWORLD) -Since its establishment 70 years ago, Russia’s Poplar Tree National Art Troupe has toured 80 countries and performed for tens of millions of spectators. The troupe has impressed the public with its magnificent dance representing a subtle Russian soul. 
Poplar tree dance typifies Russian soul  - ảnh 1

The circle dance “Poplar tree” was performed by female members of the Poplar Tree National Art Troupe at Hanoi Opera House recently. The audience was enthralled by the seductive, lissome movements of the Russia dancers. Mai Lien, a Hanoi resident, has watched the show:s  “The performance was gorgeous. Every time I watch Russian artists perform, I feel very excited. I wonder how much they practice to reach such a highly refined level of art.”

This is the 4th time the Russian troupe has performed in Vietnam. The Vietnamese audience fell in love with their signature circle dance, the ballerinas’ moving on their toes as skillfully as the cheerful acrobatic acts of the male dancers in traditional Caucasus attire, or dashing girls in colorful Matrioska doll costumes. The artists perform with all parts of their body: hands, feet, eye glint, and facial expression. Artist Valentina Nicolaieva said:“Each time we come to Vietnam, we feel moved by the audience’s enthusiastic response and love for Russian culture. We feel a close bond between the two nations. Through the shows, we want to convey the Russian spirit, tradition, and soul to the Vietnamese.”

Artist Ksenia Zhuravleve told VOV: “The Poplar Tree troupe’s dances reflect the Russian soul and we want to connect with the Vietnamese hearts. We open and ready to build and develop friendship with the Vietnamese audience.”

Poplar tree dance typifies Russian soul  - ảnh 2

The Poplar Tree National Art Troupe was established in June 1948. Their shows are much anticipated with tickets sold out months in advance. Artist Sergey Azovski said: "This is our 4th tour of Vietnam. We always offer our best repertoire for each show. Why? Because many Vietnamese have lived and studied in Russia and many of them have seen our shows there. So we are eager to perform in Vietnam as if we were meeting our friends.”

The troupe’s popular folkdances include circle dance Khorovod, Pliaska, and Kadtrili, which conveys gentle, fresh, and energetic sentiments of the Russian. Dr. Tu Thi Loan, Director of the Vietnam Institute of Art and Culture Studies, has lived and studied in Russia for many years: “I am very excited to hear Russian melodies and watch Russian dances in colorful costumes. We spent our youth in Russia, we never forget the sweet, optimistic, and cheerful atmosphere created by Russian music and dance.”