Stamp market in Hanoi

There is a stamp market in Hanoi, which opens at 9am every Sunday in front of house No 160, Trieu Viet Vuong Street. Stamp lovers come there not only for “trading’ but also for their hobbies.

Stamp market in Hanoi  - ảnh 1
A stamp collection of ethnic groups in Vietnam

The market is located on a tiny front yard of the house of Mr. Pham Hao, a famous stamp collector in Hanoi. At first, some collectors gathered for talks and show their stamps, then collectors from other parts of Vietnam came there, forming a stamp market. The market now attracts even foreigners. Market goers include people of all ages, from senior citizens to boys, girls and university students. In the quiet ambience, there are only small tables with cups of coffee, or ice tea. Collections are open and heads huddle together. People are talking to each other: the more experienced explain something to the new ones and that’s the way stamp market becomes attractive.  According to veteran collector Dao Duc Long, it’s difficult to resist this hobby: “A stamp collector should acquire various knowledge about history, geography, science and nature. As you start your hobby, you should learn about your collection, which helps enrich your knowledge”.

Hoang Anh Tuan, a university student in Hanoi, says stamp collection is meticulous, but interesting: “It requires patience and perseverance. Through stamps that we have collected, we can learn about history, life and society and economy of Vietnam in different periods of time”.

Stamp collections’ topics range from historical figures, and President Ho Chi Minh  to army, businesspeople, or landscape, animal and orchids. That’s why each person brings his or her own collection to the stamp market for talks. They tell the stories of rare collections such as the one about heroine Mac Thi Buoi issued in November 1956, which costs up to 600 USD. They also find out such mistakes as a stamp depicting 13th century scholar Chu Van An in glasses, but at that time, glasses did not exist.

Whenever somebody finds a new stamp, he or she comes to the market to share the joy with others. Market founder Pham Hao said it’s the venue for stamp lovers: “Stamp collectors, especially young people gather in this market to enjoy the beauty of stamps and acquire information from stamps”.

Mr. Hao and other collectors hope that the market will attract more and more people because stamp collection provides a life pleasure and helps preserve historical values. 

 To Tuan