Street arts at 2012 Hue festival

(VOVoworld)  40 art troupes from all over the world have entertained Hue residents and visitors with an impressive program of street arts. VOV’s Vinh Phong reports.

Street arts at 2012 Hue festival  - ảnh 1
Venezuelan folk troupe Tambores de San Millan (Drummers from San Millan region)

The street art program is part of a project initiated by Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Forum for East Asia-Latin America Cooperation (FEALAC). The street festival takes place every afternoon this week outside the Hue Culture House, on Hung Vuong, Le Loi and Nguyen Dinh Chieu streets.

Foreign artists create an upbeat atmosphere for the festival with their colorful parades, thrilling dances, and dazzling performances. Cuba’s folk troupe Raices Profun is ardent and energetic in their dance, which is a blend of indigenous music and African cultures.

The Australian artists go wild with the aborigine dances, while Cleopatra group impress the audience with belly dances.

The 10 member folk troupe Tambores de San Millan (Drummers from San Millan region) from Venezuela are brilliant with their beautiful and lively performances of Latin American dance and percussion music. Herman Villanveve is a member of the troupe: “This is my first time in Hue. The people here are very cheerful and friendly. They sing and dance together with us. We hope to continue our performances in the next Hue festivals, so that Venezuela and Vietnam will be closer”.       

Rosa Teresa, head of the Cuba’s art troupe, says she is happy to be able to perform on the streets of Hue festival as the artists feel the close proximity with audiences and the locals’ hospitality.

Stanley Fernandez, head of the Philippines’ folk troupe of Liceo, told VOV: “The energy is high. We bring to the Hue festival performances of singing, dancing and play, which praise the humans and nature of Mindanao islands, south of the Philippines. The Vietnamese are warm and friendly, food is good. I love Vietnam”.

The street festival is packed with thousands of Hue city dwellers and foreign visitors. Daniel Cole, a tourist from New Zealand, said he wants to return to Hue with his family next time: “It’s very good. People are friendly and Hue is beautiful. Lots of atmosphere. It makes me happy and excited”.


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