Vietnamese ambassadors promote Vietnam's image to the world

(VOVworld) – Vietnamese representative agencies abroad, ambassadors and consulate generals have served as a bridge, promoting the political, economic, trade, and cultural relations of Vietnam with other countries. Despite working in different countries, they share the common goal of promoting Vietnam around the world.
Vietnamese ambassadors promote Vietnam's image to the world - ảnh 1
Vietnamese ambassador to the US, Pham Quang Vinh.

The Vietnamese ambassador to the US, Pham Quang Vinh, said he could not remember how many times he has travelled between Vietnam and the US for numerous events, including the celebrations for 20 years of normalization of Vietnam-US ties and preparations for negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. With so much diplomatic activity happening between the two countries, Vinh is said to be Vietnam's busiest foreign ambassador: “I took over the position of Vietnamese ambassador to the US as the two countries were preparing for the 20th anniversary of normalization of US-Vietnam diplomatic relations. Over the past 20 years, the two countries have laid foundations to develop relations sustainably within the framework of comprehensive partnership, especially following the historic visit by Party leader Nguyen Phu Trong to the US”.

Vietnam's ambassador to Germany, Doan Xuan Hung, has a slogan: “actions must go together with words”. Since taking up his position more than a year ago, Hung has travelled to various states and cities and has met with leaders, businesses and Vietnamese living there to promote the image of Vietnam. Ambassador Hung said: “First, it is essential to research the needs and demands of enterprises. I would like to invite German businesses, and journalists to Vietnam to learn more about Vietnam’s potential and strengths. I will also talk with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism about organizing a major event to promote Vietnam and encourage tourism”.

The Vietnamese ambassador to Iran, Syria, and Iraq, Nguyen Hong Thach, is  concerned about the fact that Vietnamese rice is unable to enter the Iranian market. He said the embassy was implementing measures to address the issue: “Vietnam is the world’s 2nd biggest rice exporter while Iran is the world’s 3rd largest rice importer, but the two countries have not set up relations in this sector. Vietnam’s rice is different from the kind used in Iran, because they import rice from Pakistan, or India. We have helped connect Can Tho city with an Iranian city and signed a trilateral agreement with Japan to do research on a variety of rice which is suited to Iranian demands”.

Promoting the development of tourism is also one of the top priorities for Ambassador Nguyen Hong Thach during his term.

Vietnamese ambassadors promote Vietnam's image to the world - ảnh 2
The Vietnamese ambassador to Iran, Syria, and Iraq, Nguyen Hong Thach (right) (Photo: FBNV)

The Ambassador said Iranians still thought of Vietnam not as a tourist destination but as a war-torn country and that he wanted to change their perceptions of the country. The Embassy has held a number of workshops, exhibitions and traditional art performances and in January, an Iranian film production company was invited to Vietnam to screen their first film, called “Heaven is not far away” , which focuses on tourism in Vietnam. The Embassy also held a roadshow passing through 5 of Vietnam's provinces to promote the country and encourage more visitors.

Ambassador to Morocco Pham Truong Giang has his own way to promote Vietnamese image. His office is always decorated with items related to Vietnam such as traditional dress, conical hats, and coconut water ladle. Recently, the Embassy has held a Cuisine Day, introducing food of Vietnam and African countries.

With great effort and in various ways, Vietnamese ambassadors have served as a bridge linking Vietnam with the world.