Voice of Vietnam Radio: a close friend to all people

(VOVworld) – The Voice of Vietnam will celebrate its 70th anniversary on September 7. VOV’s development over the past 70 years has always been accompanied by its listeners. Several VOV listeners clubs have been formed in cities and provinces.

Voice of Vietnam Radio: a close friend to all people - ảnh 1
An old woman is updating news on VOV about General Vo Nguyen Giap when he was reported to pass away. (Photo: VOV)

“I’ve regularly listened to the tune “This is the Voice of Vietnam, broadcasting from Hanoi”. The radio program touches my heart.”

War veteran Ha Phi Hai read his poem about VOV. Hai is a member of the War Veterans’ Radio Club in Viet Tri city, Phu Tho province. He said VOV has been his close friend from the war to peace time. VOV was a companion of the soldiers during the war, Hai said. The most moving piece of news was about President HCM’s passing away. All his comrades-in-arms in the Central Highland battlefield were numbed with grief and they all cried.

In peace time, his small radio is always by his side. Hai and other members of the War Veterans’ Radio Club prefer live broadcasts where they have opportunities to talk directly with the broadcasters and studio guests.

Hai said that “VOV has always reflected the Party’s guidelines and State policies. I listen and relay the information to my relatives and neighbors. I like phone-in shows the most. I wish VOV would expand its coverage to disseminate the Party’s guidelines and people’s voice nationwide.”

Nguyen Thi Hien, a member of Lua hamlet’s listeners’ club in Que Vo district, Bac Ninh province, said listening to the radio is very convenient at any time, any where. For rural people, who are always busy with farm work, radio information is the best accessible channel. Hien said she listens to all VOV’s programs about women, agriculture, farmers, and rural areas.

She said she loves VOV programs because “all VOV programs are useful, especially the ‘Friend of Farmers’ and ‘Mutual assistance to become rich’ program. We often listen to these programs and tell other members about these broadcasts. We love VOV because we can listen to any time and any where even while working in the fields.”

Voice of Vietnam Radio: a close friend to all people - ảnh 2
A collection of radio sets of the Club of Perche Radio Listeners. Established in 1983, the club members live across France. (Photo: Thuy Van)

Members of the Radio Listeners’ Club in Yen Dung district in Bac Giang province always take a radio set along with them.

Tran Thi Le Toan, a club member, says after listening to any program, they get together and share the latest information, especially new policies, and laws, and they discuss hot issues in regards to education, healthcare, and employment.

She expressed her hope that “VOV will have more and more interesting programs, update daily information, and particularly increase time for traditional folk music shows.”

Voice of Vietnam Radio: a close friend to all people - ảnh 3
French listener Jean– Marie Monplot. (Photo: Thuy Van)

Apart from Vietnam, many VOV short-wave listeners’ clubs have been established abroad and their members regularly send letters to contribute ideas to help VOV improve its programs.


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