VOV awards honor radio broadcasters

(VOVWORLD) - A program on the 2016 Nobel Prize winner in Literature has been honored with a VOV Award, which was announced for the first time on the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of Radio the Voice of Vietnam (VOV) on September 7. 
VOV awards honor radio broadcasters - ảnh 1 Program producer Nguyen Ha 

That was the 10th edition of an arts and literature program featuring Bob Dylan, last year’s Nobel Prize winner, broadcast on VOV’s Lifestyle Channel (VOV2).  Entitled “Art and Literature Rendezvous”, the 30-minute program is produced in a modern format, discusses hot topics, introduces a film, a poem, or a song, and shares funny stories told by artists.

The program for October looked for the answer to why the controversial 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature was given to musician and songwriter Bob Dylan, and not a writer. Program Producer Nguyen Ha said: “I found the topic interesting, but ran into certain difficulties in production. My idea was to focus the 30-minute program on the public’s mixed reaction. Afterwards, I finished the program with the help of stringers, lecturers at the University of Social Sciences and Humanity, and writer Uong Trieu of Military Art Magazine.

Ha said she collected opinions from Vietnamese critics in addition to a summary of foreign media: “In the program, I raised the question how will the world react when a Nobel Prize in Literature is given to a songwriter? I summarized articles in English about Bob Dylan. Some said his lyrics are poetic and he deserves the honor.  But many objected to the change of values, arguing that there are authors more worthy of the Nobel Prize.”

Listeners heard  Bob Dylan’s song “Blowing in the wind” in the program. Ha said: “Bob Dylan’s song was commented by Lu Thi Thanh Le and Bui Chuong, lecturers of the University of Social Sciences and Humanity. The song was the most entertaining part of the program.”

Tran Nhat Minh, Deputy Director of VOV’s Lifestyle Channel, was enthusiastic about Ha’s program: “Program Producer Nguyen Ha and her team creatively presented a tough current issue in a new, attractive format. VOV Jury Board gave a high score to this program, which departed from the traditional style of programming.”