Bfree library boosts reading habit

(VOVWORLD) - Over the past 3 years, Bfree, the Books for free library in Xuan La Road, in Hanoi’s Tay Ho district, has become a familiar address for those who loving reading. Founded by Nguyen Truong Giang, Bfree is a place where you can read or borrow books free of charge.  
Bfree library boosts reading habit - ảnh 1Young people are passionate for books. (Photo: Nguyen Hien) 

For more than a year, Nguyen Thi Huyen, a student at Dan Phuong High School, has been cycling more than 20km each week to Bfree library. The library has become her second home, where she can find books, to help her study.

Huyen said Bfree has helped young people satisfy their passion for reading, adding: “Although the library is small and a bit far from my house, the books are diverse. Many of the books are no longer sold or published. That’s why the place is great for me.”

Like Huyen, at weekends, Nguyen Thi Tuyet Hong, a student at Hanoi’s National University of Education, also drops in to Bfree to do some reading. Here she can read or borrow books on Vietnamese and foreign literature, social psychology, and science.

Hong told VOV: “During the summer, I go to the library more often. I’m usually here once a week. When I buy an interesting book, I often buy an extra copy and donate it to Bfree.”

Bfree, which was originally called “Books and you”, opened in July, 2014. Two years later it was renamed Bfree and moved to a new address. Giang says the name is an invitation to young people who like reading.

Bfree library boosts reading habit - ảnh 2

At the Bfree library (Photo: Nguyen Hien)

The library has gathered more than 1,800 titles across a range of subjects, including history, literature, and science. 80% of the books were donated by readers.

Nguyen Quoc Chien, a co-founder, said the Vietnamese phrase fixed to the wall: “Please do not let the books die on the shelf” is the library’s motto and an appeal to young people to read more.

Chien recalls: “We started this project, not only to provide free books and free reading, but also to inspire and motivate young people to set up other non-profit projects. Another thing I feel very proud of, which makes Bfree different from other projects, is the self-service model. If you come on a weekday and don’t see any volunteers or librarians on duty, you can help yourself.”

In addition to the main library on Xuan La Street, Bfree also has a branch on the premises of the Hai Ba Trung District Electricity Company. Bfree’s most important goal is to create a reading space for book lovers and revitalize the reading habit among young people.

Bfree library also provides readers of all ages opportunities to meet and interact with their peers through dialogues or seminars.


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