Communal fund builds houses for the poor

(VOVworld) - Quang Hiep village in Cu M’gar district, Dak Lak province, is implementing started a program to fund housing for the poor. If successful, the program has become a model to be replicated.

Communal fund builds houses for the poor - ảnh 1
A house built from the communal fund in Cu M’gar. (Photo: The Thang/

Under the program, which was launched in Quang Hiep commune, Cu M’gar district, 6 years ago, local villagers set aside a small amount of money each day and use it to repair or build new houses for disadvantaged people.

To date, Cu M’gar district has raised 110,000 USD and helped 56 policy beneficiary families acquire new houses.

Hoa Manh Quan, President of Quang Hiep’s Fatherland Front, said: “When we first launched the program in 2011, we raised 484 USD. The program is almost 6 years old. We survey poor families and find out which ones are living in dilapidated houses in order to decide whether to repair or build new houses for them. Between 2011 and 2015, 9 new houses were built. This year, with the 6,600 USD collected, we plan to build houses for 3 families.”

Cao Xuan Loi, a poor family in Quang Hiep commune, recently moved to a new house built under the program.

He said: “Since we got our new house, my children don't have to work as hard. They don’t have to worry too much about their parents when it’s very rainy and stormy. Now we're very happy because we have relatively good accommodations.”

Communal fund builds houses for the poor - ảnh 2
Several civil constructions in Cu M’gar district have been built with funds raised by local villagers. (Photo: Minh Chau/

Thanks to good publicity, transparency, and helping the right persons, the program in Quang Hiep has been well received by local people.

Nguyen Van Sang, Chairman of the communal People’s Committee, said that the more funding has increased, the more poor people have been helped.

“Every year we renew the program. It has been very effective and has gotten a positive response from villagers. We have combined it with the program to promote the local culture,” Sang said.

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