Female lecturers enthusiastic to scientific research

(VOVworld) – Female staff members of the Biology Faculty of the Natural Science College of Vietnam National University Hanoi have always considered teaching an integral part of scientific research. The faculty’s female educators were given the 2016 Vietnamese Women Award.  

Female lecturers enthusiastic to scientific research - ảnh 1
The women given the 2016 Vietnamese Women Award at a ceremony in Hanoi on October 18, 2016. (Photo: Thu Huong)

On workdays, women lecturers of the Biology Faculty are busy teaching classes, conducting experiments in the laboratories, and making field trips to gather specimens. In the evening, they prepare new scientific studies, many of which have relevance to everyday life.

Le Thu Ha, the faculty’s Vice Head, said: “There are two main branches of biology: experimental and general. Those who work in experimental biology have to work in the laboratory and deliver lectures in class.  Those who work in general biology must conduct regular field trips to gather specimens. Each female lecturer does her best to fulfill the work.”

In addition to teaching, each lecturer advises students in their research. In the last five years they have directed 83 scientific studies, one of which registered new intellectual property.

Pham Tuan Nghia, Deputy Rector of the Natural Science College, said: “Most female staff of the faculty have studied at prestigious universities in Vietnam or abroad. They have been filling important positions and writing specialized textbooks for tertiary and postgraduate education. All these female lecturers have made great contributions to teaching and research within the college.”

Female lecturers enthusiastic to scientific research - ảnh 2
Doctor Le Quynh Mai, one of the awardees, is guiding students to practice genetic techniques.
(Photo: nhandan.com.vn)

60% of the female teachers belong to a club set up in 1998 as a place for women lecturers to share their thoughts, aspirations, and experiences.

Le Quynh Mai, Vice Chairwoman of the faculty’s Trade Union, said: “The club includes retired and active female staff. Some have belonged to the club since it began. Anybody with a problem can advice from experienced colleagues working in the same areas. This small service gives great encouragement to all members.”


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