Joint efforts to help flood victims in northern mountain provinces

(VOVWORLD) - In the past few days, several northern mountain provinces have suffered severe floods and landslides, causing great loss of human lives and property. In a spirit of "the haves help the have nots", authorities at all levels and people nationwide have launched movements to help people in the disaster-hit areas.  
 Joint efforts to help flood victims in northern mountain provinces - ảnh 1 Local forces join efforts to overcome torrential rain consequences in the northwestern region. (Photo: CAND)

Flooding early this month in Yen Bai, Dien Bien, Son La, and Cao Bang killed 26 people. Hundreds of houses were swept away or completely destroyed. Many hectares of rice were submerged. Roads and irrigation works were severely damaged. The total damage is estimated at about 44 million USD.

Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung led a delegation to direct the recovery effort. Mr. Dung said the government will pay compensation of 440 USD for each dead or missing family member and half that for each injured person.

The recent floods have made hundreds of people in Muong La district, Son La province, homeless. The provincial authorities have spent 5.8 million USD to help people in affected areas stabilize their lives and production and get resettled.

Hoang Van Chat, Secretary of Son La provincial Party Committee, said: “We will focus on repairing the road system and infrastructure. Although the roads to isolated hamlets have been cleared, news roads should be promptly built. Second we need to help affected families rebuild their houses and provide them with essential items. Third we need to reassign production land so that people can quickly restore their production.”

 Joint efforts to help flood victims in northern mountain provinces - ảnh 2 VOV Deputy President Vu Hai (second from right) handed over 4,500 USD donated by VOV staff to help people in the flood-hit area in Yen Bai province.

Vu Tien Duc, Chairman of the Mu Cang Chai People’s Committee, Yen Bai province, said 53 local households whose houses were swept away or completely destroyed have been temporarily moved to live with their relatives or stay in office buildings.   

He said: “We designated a new resettlement area in Nam Co hamlet and granted each household 900 USD to build new accommodations with the support of the militia and the police. Families will also receive donations from organizations and individuals to help rebuild their houses.”

Ensuring the safety of children in the flooded areas as they begin the 2017-2018 academic year is the top priority of the education sector in the northern mountain provinces.

Nguyen Sy Quan, director of Dien Bien province’s Education and Training Department, said the sector and the public are working together to make sure local children can welcome the new school year on time.

“We have launched a mutual support campaign to help disadvantaged pupils. Information about this campaign has been publicized to draw more donations in time for the new academic year,” said Quan.

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