Visiting flower villages in Dong Thap Muoi

(VOVworld) – Dong Thap Muoi, the Plain of Reeds in the Lower Mekong, is a fertile land with vast lotus ponds, endless indigo tree forests, and verdant flower farms. VOV takes you to Dong Thao Muoi to enjoy the blooming spring atmosphere before Tet.

Visiting flower villages in Dong Thap Muoi - ảnh 1
Lotus pond in the Plain of Reeds

Several weeks before Tet, flowers begin to bloom beautifully in urban areas and villages in Dong Thap province. Streets in Sa Dec and Cao Lanh city are decorated with flower arrangements. Flower farms grow various kinds of chrysanthemums, roses, and orchids and imported flowers such as lilies, tulips, and bonsai strawberry and rattan trees.     

Tan Quy Dong is a famous flower village in Sa Dec city. Flowers have grown in bamboo baskets hanging on bamboo platforms over small canals. Farmers use boats to tend and collect the flowers. Shortly before Tet, boats carry the flowers to river wharfs where they are loaded on trucks for delivery to southern provinces. 

Visiting flower villages in Dong Thap Muoi - ảnh 2
Tan Quy Dong flower village

During Dong Thap Tourism Week, flower villages are prepared to welcome tourists. Phan Thanh Thuy, owner of a flower farm in Tan Phuong Dong village, says she has hung beautiful flower baskets at the gate to attract visitors. Horticulturists are happy because they are selling more flowers than usual.

Thuy said: More visitors have come to our village than last year. We made flower gates and flower arrangements for tourists to photograph.”

Bicycles are available for tourists to ride around the village. Temporary bamboo houses have been set up for tourists to relax in.

Nguyễn Kim Cương from Ben Tre province said: “I came here to attend Sa Dec’s flower and pet festivals. The infrastructure in the Plain of Reeds has improved. There are many beautiful new varieties of flowers.”

Lai Vung commune is famous nationwide for a special kind of tangerine and its bonsai tangerine trees are in demand as Tet decorations. Tư Rằng is the owner of a big tangerine garden in Lai Vung: Since I began growing bonsai tangerine trees, I have always received many more orders than I can fulfill. Last year I grew 300 trees and still could not meet the demand. We have customers from Ho Chi Minh City and Rach Gia.”     

When they visit flower villages in the Plain of Reeds tourists should try the local food, particularly the Lai Vung fermented pork paste. 


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