Belgian economists interested in Vietnam’s investment climate

(VOVworld) – Vietnam’s remarkable economic growth was highlighted at a conference on the global economy and geopolitics held in Brussels on Tuesday.
Belgian economists interested in Vietnam’s investment climate - ảnh 1
European investors have deep interest in Vietnam's manufacturing sector. (Photo: VNA)

Nabil Jijakli, an economist from the CREDENDO insurance group, said Vietnam’s average annual growth rate above 6% is the envy of many western countries. Vietnam has taken advantage of its geographical location in Southeast Asia and its literate young population to boost industrial development, particularly the manufacturing sector. Jijakli said Western investors are interested in the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement, which will eliminate tariffs and strengthen partnerships, adding that the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement will stimulate the world economy, and Vietnam’s. Conference attendees praised Vietnam’s business environment and potential for European investment in technology, the environment, and manufacturing.


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