Fishermen set sail in New Year

(VOVWORLD) - Fishing boats in Khanh Hoa province began their new year fishing session on Wednesday night.
Fishermen set sail in New Year - ảnh 1Fishermen set sail in the New Year

Vinh Luong seaport in northern Nha Trang City, which was wrecked by Typhoon Damrey back in November, became crowded again. Nguyen Xuan Quang said he was granted bank credit to repair his family’s 2 ships damaged by the typhoon. “We have done our best to obtain sufficient credit for a new fishing year. I fear rising oil prices may reduce our profit. I expect more incentives from the State to support fishing operations.”

At Hon Ro seaport in Nha Trang, many deep-water fishing boats are docked. They have returned from Truong Sa sea area and each carried 10 to 20 tons of fish. Fisherman Nguyen Thanh Hai said his team has spent a few days off during Tet. They are now ready to set sail. "We returned to the mainland two days before the new Lunar Year and made a profit of some 200 million VND after 20 days fishing. I wish for successful catches for my friends and myself."