Foreign Ministry gears up to help crewmen suffering from RoK ship fire

Vietnamese authorities are doing their utmost to help Vietnamese sailmen onboard a South Korean vessel which caught fire off the coast of New Zealand on Tuesday night. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Luong Thanh Nghi told the media on Thursday that of the 23 Vietnamese sailors on the Sunwoo vessel, 3 are missing and 4 others are seriously burnt. “The injured sailors have been transferred to New Zealand for treatment and the rest are expected to land on the country next Thursday. The Vietnamese embassies in New Zealand and South Korea are working closely with relevant agencies there to assist and protect the rights of the Vietnamese sailmen”, Nghi said. Regarding Vietnam’s diplomacy, the spokesperson stressed that the diplomatic sector significantly contributed to improving Vietnam’s profile internationally last year despite fluctuations in the world. In 2012, Vietnam will continue to deepen relations with neighboring and regional countries, major world powers and traditional friends.