Forum examines digital technology’s role in building a sustainable society

(VOVWORLD) - The Vietnam Internet Forum 2019 (VIF19) opened in Hanoi on Wednesday, to discuss ways digital technology can help build a creative, open, and sustainable society.

Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam Pereric Hogberg affirmed the importance of the internet and digital technology in improving people’s lives and building a country’s brand. He said 94% of Swedish people have used the internet with the world’s fastest connection speed. The widespread use of technology and the internet has helped Sweden promote information access, innovation, and entrepreneurship, so as to boost inventions, growth, and prosperity.

Hogberg told the forum: “Vietnam can attain the same achievements as Sweden because it has such a rapid internet growth, especially of social networks. Vietnam has a big advantage in its Government’s support of free trade and integration into the globalized world. 2019 will be important year when it comes to the Internet of things and digitization.”

Vu The Binh, Secretary-General of the Vietnam Internet Association, said Vietnam has had considerable development in technical infrastructure serving a market of about 95 million people and an internet use rate over 60%. But it is also facing social and legal problems arising from new internet-based applications.

Caitlin Wiesen, Acting Resident Representative of the UNDP, said at the forum: “We are seeing a digital evolution, the development of e-governance, and the possibility for people to participate in public decision-making processes. E-governance has a critical role to increase transparency, access to information, and accountability. And in this context, the government of Vietnam is commended for the commitment it has made to the highest level of e-governance.”

Ms. Wiesen said young tech businesses play an important role in solving challenges facing society. Young people who aspire to innovate are using new technologies and the internet to recreate society. Connecting innovative youth is key to attaining the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, she noted.

VIF19 concluded on Thursday. The event, held by the Swedish Embassy and the Hanoi People’s Committee, marked the 50th anniversary of Vietnam-Sweden diplomatic ties.

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