Gifts for lunar new year reached soldiers on Truong Sa Island

More goods have arrived on Truong Sa or Spratly Archipelago to contribute to bringing a happy Tet to soldiers stationed on the island. Young soldier Cao Phi Hung is not returning home in Dong Nai but welcomes new year on Tien Nu Island, the most remote island of the archipelago. “We are very happy to be cared for by the Party, State and people across the country. This helps to strengthen out determination to fight for the national territorial integrity,” Hung said.
Lieutenant Nguyen Van Que is Deputy Head of the Fairy Island. This year is the 2nd year the 26 year old soldier welcomes new year on the island. He said: “Although Tien Nu Island is one of the most remote islands on the archipelago, we’ve been maintaining regulations and stayed well-organized. We are happy to welcome the traditional lunar new year while staying highly alert to defend the island”.