Industry and Trade Minister holds online dialogue with citizens

Minister of Industry and Trade Vu Huy Hoang said the government allowed the electricity sector to adjust electricity prices according to the Prime Minister’s decision. Hoang addressed an online dialogue on the government portal on Friday. "Adjustments of electricity prices will cause inflation pressure and affect people’s lives. Therefore, the electricity sector submitted the proposal to the ministry and the government for approval. The 5% increase is only calculated on expenses for petroleum and manpower while the sector’s losses accumulated from previous years are excluded. The electricity sector has seriously followed the Prime Minister’s instruction and taken into consideration people’s livelihood. With this adjustment, people who consume less than 100 kwh will not be affected", said Mr. Hoang.

Regarding petroleum quality management, Minister Hoang said the Ministry of Industry and Trade has requested its affiliated departments and the Petroleum Corporations to check their distribution network and work with Departments of Science and Technology to detect unqualified petroleum on sales. The Minister also answered questions relating to product competitiveness, export targets and measures to deal with counterfeit goods.