International Blood Donor Day marked across Vietnam

(VOVWORLD) - Some 200 individuals and families were honored for donating their blood dozens of times at a ceremony in Hanoi on Thursday to mark International Blood Donor Day on June 14 and to launch the campaign “Red Journey 2018”.
International Blood Donor Day marked across Vietnam - ảnh 1

On this occasion, a campaign entitled “Summer Blood Donation 2018” was launched, drawing the participation of many young volunteers from local schools who contributed more than 600 blood units.

Also on Thursday, 300 Da Nang youngsters contributed 250 blood units. This year, Da Nang is expected to organize around 100 blood donating events and to collect 36,000 blood units. Ho Dinh Tri, Vice Secretary of Da Nang Police Youth Union, said that blood donation is a human noble act, which is very helpful to many patients. He called on youth union members across Vietnam to donate blood when it’s possible and encourage others to follow suit.

International Blood Donor Day marked across Vietnam - ảnh 2The Red Journey 2018 campaign in Ca Mau

In Ca Mau, 500 blood units were collected at a blood donation campaign in response to the International Blood Donor Day.

The month-long Red Journey Campaign 2018 will run in 26 cities and provinces across Vietnam, and is expected to collect at least 30,000 blood units.