National Assembly endorses pilot issuance of e-visas

(VOVworld)-Vietnamese lawmakers on Tuesday passed a resolution on piloting the issuance of e-visas to foreign visitors. The single entry e-visas will have a valid period of up to 30 days. The pilot scheme will start next February and run for 2 years.

National Assembly endorses pilot issuance of e-visas - ảnh 1

National Assembly deputies also stressed the need to build a law on small and medium-sized enterprises as these businesses play a crucial role in the national economy. The move will also provide a momentum for the non-state sector to become a driving force in the economy and realize the goal of creating one million businesses in Vietnam by 2020. 

“We should connect small and medium-sized enterprises with bigger businesses in the national product distribution chain. The new law needs to define the major state-owned enterprises’ responsibility in creating this connectivity”, Hoang Quang Ham, a deputy representing the northern province of PhuTho suggested. 

The deputies also called for equal treatment between businesses and easier access to credit capital for small and medium-sized enterprises.