Policy dialogue on population & sustainable development

(VOVworld) – Ritsu Nacken, UNFPA Representative, said it is now time for Viet Nam to shift its population policy focus from birth control to a more holistic integration of population variables into development planning.

Policy dialogue on population & sustainable development - ảnh 1
The scene of the dialogue policy (photo: daidoanket.vn)

She made the recommendation at a Policy dialogue on Population and Sustainable development in Viet Nam co-organised by the Viet Nam Fatherland Front (VFF) and the UNFPA in Viet Nam in Hanoi on Thursday. Ritsu Nacken said Vietnam should apply more priorities to minimize inequality in reproductive healthcare for vulnerable groups such as ethnic people, migrants, the youth, and those living in disadvantaged areas.

President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Nguyen Thien Nhan presented a speech on revising population policy after achieving the targeted fertility rate to ensure post-2015 sustainable socio-economic development. He pointed to major population measures including raising awareness and changing behaviors in society on integrating population variables into development. He also suggested renaming the national target program of population and family planning to sustainable population and happy families.