Supermarket chain sells safe farm products

(VOVworld) - President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee Nguyen Thien Nhan says the inauguration of a new chain of supermarkets is the first step in a strategy to promote safe agricultural products and food to the Vietnamese people.

Supermarket chain sells safe farm products  - ảnh 1
Politburo member, President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Nguyen Thien Nhat at the launch ceremony in Hanoi. (Photo: VOV News Center)

At the launch ceremony in Hanoi on Wednesday, Nhan hailed the model, which connects farmers, cooperatives, and businesses distributing farm produce and measures consumer demand.

“Qualified products will be available in the supermarket chain. The Cooperative Union of Agricultural Consumption (UCA) will work to expand domestic and foreign markets,” Nhan said, “From now until 2021, more cooperatives will be set up to distribute farm produce in provinces and regions across Vietnam, thereby selling safe food to Vietnamese people.”

The supermarket chain is established by the Vietnam Cooperative Alliance (VCA) and the UCA which is connected to 50 cooperatives producing 1,000 different safe farm products nationwide. The union is currently piloting the safe Vietnamese agricultural product supermarket model in Hanoi before replicating it in other cities, industrial zones, and densely populated areas.

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