Tackling difficulties to realize Enterprise, Investment Laws

(VOVworld)- On Monday, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc emphasized the need to tackle difficulties in order to facilitate investors.
Tackling difficulties to realize Enterprise, Investment Laws - ảnh 1

Chairing the first meeting of the Government standing committee which discussed ways to tackle difficulties in implementing the Enterprises Law and Investment Law, the Prime Minister urged ministries to promulgate decrees guiding the implementation of the Laws which will come into force on July 1. Phuc asked the Working Group that supervises the implementation of the two Laws, to promptly address obstacles and to help the public and enterprises in production and business activities: “It’s necessary to reform and create favorable conditions for production and business activities, and protecting the right of business and publicize all legal regulations. The implementation of these two laws must be accompanied by Resolution 19 which aims to create the best investment environment for the public and enterprises”.