The 8th Red Spring festival opens

(VOVworld) - Hanoi has hosted its 8th movement on blood donation. Deputy Minister of Health, Nguyen Thi Xuyen, spoke in the opening ceremony on Sunday that the movement as helped the healthcare sector address its shortage of blood for treatment.

The 8th Red Spring festival opens - ảnh 1
The launching of the blood donation campaign 2015

The movement from February 24 to March 8 aims to receive 8,000 units of blood. Deputy Minister Xuyen is the vice head of the National Steering Committee on Blood Donation:“35 cities and provinces have launched similar movements to encourage blood donation since early this year. I hope that the events will receive a warm response from the public, especially students and young people.”

The 8th Red Spring festival opens - ảnh 2
Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan encouraged the blood donors

The movement coincided with the International Women’s Day and held many activities to honor women in blood donation. The movement was first launched in 2008 and attracted 120,000 donors with nearly 34,000 units of blood donated.