Travel agencies urged to strengthen digital transformation

(VOVWORLD) - Online tourism contributes 5.8% to national GDP, according to the Vietnam-E-Commerce Association. 
Travel agencies urged to strengthen digital transformation - ảnh 1

Vietnam online tourism day runs in Hanoi

The size of Vietnam’s online tourism market grew 15 percent to 3.5 billion USD in 2018. Speaking at a seminar in Hanoi on Wednesday for Vietnam Online Tourism Day in Hanoi, Vu The Binh, Vice President of the Vietnam Tourism Association, highlighted tasks to be fulfilled: “We need to invest more in the digital platform, while improving skills on using the digital platform and managing data on the internet. These should be compulsory for businesses, otherwise we cannot effectively develop online tourism. We also need to invest in updating data and developing a digital ecosystem strong enough to serve tourist demands.”

According to the Vietnam E-Commerce Association, Vietnamese travel businesses need to strengthen digital transformation to achieve the projected target of earning 9 billion USD from online tourism by 2025.