Vietnam vows to create favorable business climate

The Vietnamese government will maintain regular dialogue with the domestic and foreign business circles for the sake of national development. Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai made the pledge at the 3rd Vietnam Summit on Foreign Economic Relations, which opened in Hanoi on Wednesday. Mr. Hai said that Vietnam has shifted its focus from boosting growth to stabilizing the macro-economy, curbing inflation and ensuring social security in face of the global economic crisis: “Vietnam is optimistic about its economic prospects. We have learnt from the recent crisis that each nation should ceaselessly renew itself and try to create a favorable and fair business environment. Vietnam will pursue its economic and administrative reforms and continue to develop human resources, infrastructure and science and technology. 2012 is the pivotal year for economic restructuring, particularly in investment, banking and finance and state-owned enterprises. The government will make an all-out effort to stabilize the macro-economy, rein in inflation and reduce poverty”. Attending the summit are 250 delegates including senior Vietnamese government officials and representatives from 200 transnational groups.