Perfect Honeymoon & Wedding Exhibition

(VOVworld)- What does a couple have to do before their wedding? Can they prepare for one of the biggest days of their life in just one day? Or one week? Or does it take one year? Oh dear, someone about to get married could go insane from the thousands of questions popping up in their mind : what to wear, who to invite, where to spend the honeymoon. Well, wedding preparations seem less of a problem for couples in Hanoi who had a chance to attend a recent event called “The PerfectWedding and Honeymoon Exhibition”

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I was met by a welcoming atmosphere of romantic music, the pleasant fragrance of perfume, and chocolate, and festive lighting from a central stage and 50 booths promoting brand name fashions and tourism, and wedding services. Such a sweet scene makes a single person like me want to fall in love and get married. Many young couples were here looking foruseful information about wedding and honeymoon services. Vũ Thùy Dương and Lê Nguyễn Quốc Đức have been together for 3 years and intend to get married at the end of the year: "I have very little free time. I’m pretty busy with my work. I find the exhibition very useful for couples like us to learn about this year’s wedding trends. Actually, we could have found lots of information online, but here we can see and touch the products and that helps us make better choices"

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Lê Nguyễn Quốc Đức said: "Walking around here, I’m quite impressed with the photo shoot products. I’ve already had a talk with some photo designers about what style would be suitable for us, what material we should choose for the album. Later, we will take a closer look atwedding dresses and home furnishings."

 Themed “Rustic Wedding”, this year’s “Perfect Wedding and Honeymoon Exhibition” introduced a trendy wedding style using simple, elegant details to create a fine and intimate space. Each brand name tried to promote their product with the most impressive style: Models walked around wearing trendy jackets the exhibition and photo shoot agencies took free photos.

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The highlight of the event was the Perfect Couple Contest, in which couples practiced being real brides and grooms. Brides got free make-up and hair do’s, grooms tried on various jacket styles, and each couple got a free photo shoot. Nguyễn Kim Ngân, 22, looked gorgeous in a white floral dress and seemed very happy with her husband-to-be:"I had a great time here. I was offered an adequate package of wedding services. For me, the exhibition was a useful information channel. All the products here seem to have been carefully selected."

Nguyễn My is a make-up artist:"Vietnamese women, especially in Hanoi, don’t wear makeup everyday so they might worry about whether certain makeup makes them look odd. That’s why they should come here and use our service and find out if a certain makeup style fits their face and personality. I personally think that wearing makeup and a wedding dress is a special treat for a bride and she has to be the most beautiful woman in the world on her wedding day."


At this year’s exhibition, couples got some useful information about wedding and honeymoon services and a chance to win prizes in the “Love and Challenge Marathon”.

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After a romantic Roadshow, the Marathon starts. There are 2 rounds called “Love” and “Challenge”. In the “Love” round, 50 grooms race to bring their brides flowers and shoes. The top 20 couples move on to the next round. Trịnh Hồng Nhung came a long way from Ninh Bình province to Hanoi to compete for the big prize."We’ve prepared for the contest mentally and physically. My boyfriend ran up the hill behind his office and I jumped rope. If we are the winners, we’ll be very happy. I’ll give my lover the deepest kiss ever"

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In the “Challenge” round, the grooms must carry their bride on their back or in their arms through an obstacle course as by standers cheered the couples on. Some couples fell down but got back up and headed to the finish line. The audience were fascinated by one couple who competed in a unique way: the bride carrying the groom on her back.

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The winners of the Marathon receive a 30-million VND honeymoon package to Malaysia.

Ahmad Zaki Mohd Salleh is the Director of Malaysia’s Tourism Promotion Board.:"Winners can go to Malaysia to have a photo shooting. If you go to Malaysia right now, the currency exchange is very suitable for Vietnamese. It’s a good time to go. The package we include not only for the honeymoon but also for shopping, you can bring your family to Malaysia and go shopping. Marathon is a way of our life. When we’re single, we can go anywhere. But when you’re husband and wife, you have to think about your partner. Marathon reflects the situation when you and your partner overcome your difficulties in life in a long run."
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