Special Radio shows at sea

(VOVWORLD) - In April, reporters from newspapers and other news media across Vietnam visited soldiers and residents of the Truong Sa (Spratly) island district and the DK1 Platform. One of their most memorable experiences was producing a special news bulletin on ship KN 490 of the Vietnam Fisheries Resources Surveillance. Without professional broadcast equipment, the bulletin, conveying love from the mainlanders to Truong Sa, made the 200 people onboard eagle to listen every day.

“I listen to the shows every day, which I think are different from what I usually listen to on the radio. The shows here contain several pieces of news relatable to the people on board, which makes me interested,” said one visitor.

"I listen to the bulletins every day. I like the way the reporters read the news, which is full of love for the people and soldiers on Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelago,” said another visitor.       

The bulletin, broadcast for 20 minutes every afternoon, was produced by reporters and editors from different press agencies. The studio was the ship’s command room and the mic was part of the intercom system. It reviewed and updated people onboard on the schedule and conveyed the impressions and feelings of the visitors to Truong Sa’s people. Songs and poems presented by the visitors were sometimes featured.

Special Radio shows at sea - ảnh 1The studio is the ship’s command room and the mic ispart of the intercom system. 

Journalist Liêu Lãm from Zing.vn was one of the announcers for the special bulletin.

“Each piece of news conveys the reporters’ love for the people of the Truong Sa islands. They inspire my presentation though I don’t write the content,” said Lam.

This was the first time Thuy Ngan, a reporter from the Vietnam Television Corporation (VTC) has worked in such an environment. Ngan said that being part of the afternoon bulletins has been an unforgettable experience for her. 
“We did our best despite a lack of equipment and facilities to produce a good radio show. I believe our shows were enjoyed by many people,” said Ngan.

Special Radio shows at sea - ảnh 2

Although the bulletin was only aired for a short time, during the voyage to Truong Sa Island and the DK1 Rig, the special broadcasts united the people on board and revealed the reporters’ love for the people of Truong Sa.   

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