Nam Yet-a coconut island on Truong Sa archipelago

(VOVWORLD) - Nam Yet, a special floating island in Vietnam’s Truong Sa archipelago, is called the “Coconut island” because it has more than 400 coconut trees. The island now grows seedlings to plant on other islands to improve the soil and some greenery in Truong Sa.


From 1994 to 1997 Major Vu Quang Tiep was stationed on Nam Yet island and became one of the first persons to plant coconut trees there. 20 years later, Nam Yet has become a land of coconuts in the middle of Truong Sa archipelago.

Major Vu Quang Tiep said: “I was very moved when I saw my comrades being scorched by the sun and lacking fresh water. I want to do something for my comrades. I’m in debt to the Truong Sa islands and the soldiers there.”

The soil in Nam Yet consists of a layer of guano and a relatively thick layer of rotten leaves on a coral sand foundation. This provides rich nutrition that allows the coconut trees to grow well despite harsh weather condition. As a result, Nam Yet has become verdant and now can provide seedlings to other islands of the Truong Sa archipelago.

Major Tiep has returned to Nam Yet bringing donations made by mainlanders to help the island’s soldiers grow vegetable gardens and build cisterns to store fresh water.

Major Tiep of Vocational College No10 of Hanoi Capital High Command said: “Our program called “vegetable gardens and cisterns for Truong Sa” hopes to produce more vegetables for the daily meals of islanders. Rainwater will be stored in the cisterns. Each garden and its cistern costs about 110 million VND (4,800 USD). This money was contributed by people on the mainland and sponsors via SMS.”