Bac Kan focuses on building new rural areas

(VOVworld) – Bac Kan province hopes to have four communes recognized as new-style rural areas in 2016. To reach the goal, localities are focusing on developing infrastructure and production while protecting the environment.

Bac Kan focuses on building new rural areas - ảnh 1
The road leading to Khau Cut hamlet, Nong Thuong commune in Bac Kan City.

Bac Kan is trying to combine National Target Programs and state support projects to make the most of local resources.

Over the years, Quan Binh commune in Bach Thong district has increased investment in infrastructure for transportation, irrigation, entertainment facilities, and schools. As a result, it now has fulfilled 15 of the 19 criteria for new-style rural areas. Since 2012, Quan Binh has mobilized local people to donate 2,200 square meters of land and 4,500 man-days to build roads, irrigation works, and cultural centers.

Quan Binh residents have also restructured their crops and applied advanced production technologies. They have implemented more than 20 new farming and breeding models, stepped up vocational training and job creation, and helped local households obtain loans to expand production.

Ly Thai Hai, Chairman of Bac Kan provincial People’s Committee, said: “We have adapted government standards for building new-style rural areas to local conditions. It’s not necessary to pave all village lanes or make all village lanes 3 meters wide. In fact, roads in mountain areas are small and sloping so we make our roads 2 meters wide. Some roads just need a firm surface and good drainage. We pay close attention to production support to increase people’s income.”

To boost production and increase people’s income, provincial authorities have changed modes of production, crops, and domestic animals.

Over the past 5 years, by using funds for production support, 53 cultivation and breeding models have been applied and have increased profits for the locals. A number of communes have combined agricultural production zones with goods production.

Ma Van Cuong of Quang Thuan commune in Bach Thong district, which specializes in growing oranges and mandarins, said: “The locals are happy about growing mandarins because it’s improving their standard of living. People in Na Thoi commune, for example, can earn 880 USD a year growing mandarins in addition to other farming and breeding.”

Despite these achievements, the mountain province of Bac Kan faces problems in building culture or sports facilities.

From now until 2020, an estimated 123 million USD will be spent on Bac Kan’s new-style rural area program.

Ly Thai Hai, Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee, said: “We plan to have 22 communes recognized as new-style rural areas by 2020. Next year, we have targeted 6 communes. Though Bac Kan remains a poor province, each year we set aside a certain amount for the new-style rural area program and are calling for more investment by economic groups and private individuals.” 



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