Farmers in Hoa Binh getting rich growing oranges

(VOVWORLD) - The mountain district of Cao Phong is leading socio-economic development and poverty reduction in Hoa Binh province, in part thanks to orange trees. Cao Phong oranges are famous for their quality and have improved the economy of the district.  
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Orange and tangerine trees were first grown in Cao Phong more than half a century ago. The temperate climate and fertile soil are good for growing citrus fruits, particularly oranges and tangerines, which are juicy, sweet, and delicious.

In recent years, the application of advanced technology has increased productivity. Nguyen Van Hien, Head of Cao Phong’s Section of Agriculture and Rural Development, says oranges have boosted the local economy. 

“Cao Phong district now has 2,800 ha of fruit trees, mainly orange trees. More than 1,300 ha of trees have grown enough for harvest. This year’s output was 33,000 tons, earning revenues of more than 26 million USD,”  said Hien.

Bac Phong commune has one of the largest orange-growing areas, nearly 800 ha. Thanks to oranges, local living conditions have improved. There are now many spacious houses, paved roads run from the highway to the groves, and many households have bought cars. Bui Van Thai, Deputy Chairman of the Bac Phong People’s Committee, told VOV: “Farmers across the commune have greatly benefited from growing oranges. Living standards have improved and the number of poor households has dramatically dropped. The annual per capita income is 25 million Vietnamese dong – about 1,100 USD. Cao Phong oranges grown in line with the VietGAP standard are now a trademark. Our commune will continue to help poor households obtain seedlings and fertilizer.”

Farmers in Hoa Binh getting rich growing oranges  - ảnh 2 Cao Phong farmers take care of orange trees following VietGAP standards (Photo:

Many families in Bac Phong have become well-off thanks to oranges. Tran Thi Tam of Hai Phong hamlet in Bac Phong now owns more than 2 ha of oranges which have been certified under the VietGAP standard.

Tam recalled when her family began to grow oranges a decade ago on an area of just a few thousand square meters.

She said: “Thanks to crop restructuring to grow oranges instead of sugar cane, our living income has stabilized. We have bought a car and household appliances. This year we have produced between 60 and 70 tons, earning about 44,000 USD per hectare. Oranges have been more profitable than other crops.”

Vo Ngoc Kien, Secretary of Cao Phong’s Party Committee, said the district considers oranges and tangerines a spearhead of agricultural production. 3,000ha has been developed with a focus on improving product value and productivity and ensuring the Cao Phong orange brand.

Kien said the district has “attached much importance to the promotion, introduction, and preservation of the brand name because it has become our specialty, our economic strength, and a way to enrich our hometown. We need a master plan to ensure that orange growing areas send qualified products to market. We’ll develop a wholesale market and an orange processing facility to meet domestic and foeign demand.”

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