Phu Luu village in Bac Ninh province

(VOVworld) - Phu Luu, a village in Bac Ninh province, is famous for trading betel and areca, which used to be a specialty of the Vietnamese. Also known as Giau village or Giau market, Phu Luu is also home to intellectuals and famous artists. The area has been urbanized, yet still retains cultural traditions.

Phu Luu village in Bac Ninh province - ảnh 1
Phu Luu village. ( Photo: Phan Duong)

Since the 15th century, Giau market of Phu Luu village has always been busy. From the end of the 19th century, Giau market turned into one of the biggest markets in the country, where everything is traded; buyers and sellers opened up markets even in the communal house yard. On market-day, every household in the village carries out some kind of trading. Living in an environment mixed between village and market, Phu Luu villagers are good at doing business.

Elderly villager Sam explains: “In the past, those who sold betel and areca, fabric, and grocery gathered in the communal house yard while traders of cattle, fish, shrimp or meat were at the end of the village. Generally, Phu Luu village traded in everything from ploughs to silk and cloth. Then the market was moved out of the village.”

Located at the center of the northern delta region, the cradle of the wet rice civilization, Phu Luu village is open, unlike in other rural areas. Locals, especially women, absorb new versions of urban modernization while preserving the essence of the village.

Villager Nguyen Dinh Phuc said: “Phu Luu people were mainly involved in trading. Some households did farm work. We have a tradition of having our children adopted. Because women worked far away from home, their children were adopted. Phu Luu village used to have the largest number of adopted children in the north.”

Despite their busy trading activities, Phu Luu people are keen on learning. Clans have high academic records with many members having held important positions in national history.

Phu Luu village in Bac Ninh province - ảnh 2
Phu Luu village. ( Photo: Phan Duong)

Phu Luu is home to famous intellectuals and artists including painters Hoang Tich Chu, Thanh Chuong, writers Kim Lan, Nguyen Dich Dung, poet Hoang Hung, cameraman Nguyen Dang Bay, and musician Ho Bac.

Strolling around Phu Luu village, we are engrossed in its peaceful and relaxing ambience. The village alleys paved with green stones are a highlight. Phu Luu communal house’s curved roofs are hidden under the shade of fig trees and considered one of the most beautiful communal houses in the north. Located nearby is Phap Quang pagoda, an ancient structure with a bell tower and moss-covered walls.

Villager Nguyen Trong Vu said: “Provincial and national historical relic sites in the village include communal house, temples, and pagoda. There are about 4,000 people living in the village, who are engaged in trading, woodwork, and cooking wedding feasts. Many families have become well-off thanks to doing business.”

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