Phu Van village harvests flowers for Tet

(VOVWORLD) - Like other flower growing areas, Phu Van village, these days, has begun a new harvest season as Lunar New Year 2018 is approaching. Phu Van is seeing joyful scenes between farmers and buyers.
Phu Van village harvests flowers for Tet - ảnh 1The entrance gate to Phu Van village. 

Phu Van village in Phu Ly City has long been famous for growing flowers and ornamental trees and floral arrangement including flower baskets, flower pots, and flower carpets.

Phu Van village harvests flowers for Tet - ảnh 2Peach gardens in Phu Van village.

Phu Van commune’s 5 hamlets have more than 18,000 square meters of land for horticulture. Le Duc An, a Party official of Phu Van commune, said: “Phu Van is located between the Day River and the Nhue River whose silt enriches the commune’s fields. We have a long tradition of growing flowers, ornamental trees, vegetables, and other crops. Phu Van mainly grows daisies and roses but recently has also planted kumquat, peach, and bonsai trees. There are 15 villagers awarded with the title Ornamental Creature Artisan at the city level and 4 others at the central level. We have 10 large-scale models of flower growers cooperative.”

Phu Van village harvests flowers for Tet - ảnh 3Gardens of daisies and peaches in Phu Van flower village

Thanks to the meticulous care of local gardeners, Phu Van’s roses, daisies, lilies, violets, and gladioli are blossoming for the coming Tet holiday and ornamental kumquat and orange trees are already laden with fruits.

Nguyen Van Bang, head of hamlet 5, told VOV: “More than 300 of the 400 households in hamlet 5 are engaged in horticulture. Gardeners are now preparing to harvest flowers for Tet. Most of the flowers, ornamental trees, and kumquat trees have already been reserved by customers. Each sweet orange tree can produce 100 to 200 kilos of fruits. It’s the same with kumquat trees, which are laden with fruits and look quite beautiful. If the weather gets warmer, there might be a bumper crop and the farmers will make a nice profit. They’re starting to get excited.”

This year people buy their Tet flowers early. Phu Van has already sold a large volume of flowers and ornamental plants and trees.

Phu Van village harvests flowers for Tet - ảnh 4Tran Van Quang of hamlet 5 tends his gardens of orange and kumquat trees. 

Tran Van Quang of hamlet 5 said: “I have 720 square meters of land specialized for growing oranges, kumquats, and peach trees. All the trees have already been reserved. Customers order directly from me. I don’t sell at the market. A small peach tree costs from 13 to 22 USD. My orange trees are 44 USD or more each. Some cost as much as 440 USD. We usually receive a lot of customers around the 20th day of the last lunar month. Last year we earned about 31,000 USD.”