Yen Bai youths join in new rural development effort

(VOVworld) –Young people in Yen Bai have responded to new rural development with practical activities. Their economic development models adapted to local conditions have greatly benefited Yen Bai’s new rural development program.  

Yen Bai youths join in new rural development effort - ảnh 1
Youth Union members in Mu Cang Chai district are involved in building 2km new road linking La Phu Khơ hamlet and Lao Chai. (Photo:

Yen Bai, a northern province with many difficulties, has created incentives to keep Youth Union members from leaving to work in urban areas. The provincial Youth Union has designed a detailed economic development plan and spread it among its members.

In 5 years the province has formed more than 300 clubs that engage thousands of young people in economic development. Some of the models they use bring in yearly revenue of 9,000 USD.

The model being used in Hin Lo hamlet, Luc Yen district, is a good example. Chaired by Duong Van Thu, the 20-member club leases farm tools to villagers. Nguyen Quang Thuan, a club member, said each member earns about 135 USD a month.

“In this club, members can learn from their peers, gain expertise in crop restructuring, and use new economic models to earn a higher and more stable income,” according to Thuan.

Yen Bai youths join in new rural development effort - ảnh 2
Youth Union members in Luc Yen district join new rural development effort.

Yen Bai Youth Union members make environmental protection, a priority. They have been active in “Green Sunday” and “Voluntary Saturday” programs conducted by the province and the Ho Chi Minh Youth Union, and have mobilized the public to clean up village roads and safety dispose of household garbage. These activities have involved more than 10,000 Youth Union members, according to Hoang Trung Chinh, secretary of the youth union of Luc Yen district.

Chinh said they “are now focusing on new rural development criteria relating to the environment, under which we are encouraging people to create garbage tips at home and pool money to create garbage tips in the fields where local farmers can dump pesticide containers. Youth Union members will come by later to dispose of the garbage.”

Since the Yen Bai new rural area program was launched 5 years ago, hundreds of economic development, infrastructure, and environment projects have been carried out by local youths. Their efforts have greatly benefited Yen Bai’s new rural development program. Six communes have been recognized as new rural villages and 40 others have fulfilled 10 criteria or more.

Luong Manh Ha, deputy secretary of the Yen Bai Youth Union, said: “the provincial Youth Union has defined key missions in new rural development that focus on those criteria that match its capacity. For example, its members will be involved in realizing criteria 2, 3, 6, and 17 on building rural infrastructure and cleaning up the environment. Criteria on restructuring production and increasing income are also promoting youth involvement.”


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