VOV develops on par with Vietnam’s international integration

(VOVworld) – The Voice of Vietnam celebrates its 71st founding anniversary on September 7.  Over the years VOV has become a close friend and a reliable information channel for tens of millions of Vietnamese people and foreigners worldwide. VOV has developed into one of Vietnam’s top multi-media agencies.

VOV develops on par with Vietnam’s international integration - ảnh 1
VOV President Nguyen The Ky (center) and staff at a meeting to mark VOV's 71st founding anniversary

Over the past 71 years the signature tune “This is the Voice of Vietnam, broadcasting from Hanoi, the capital of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam” has become a familiar announcement for listeners in Vietnam and other countries. VOV’s development has accompanied Vietnam’s struggle for national independence and liberation, the national reform, and the development initiated and led by the Communist Party of Vietnam. VOV’s broadcasts have reached all continents contributing to national construction and maintaining national and regional peace and stability.

In Vietnam, VOV has been one of the main channels to popularize the Party guidelines and state policy, advocate national unity, promote democracy in national construction and defense, honor beauty and advancement, and contribute to developing Vietnam’s culture and its national identities.

Nguyen Van Tong in Ho Chi Minh city has been listening to VOV for many years. “VOV has contributed significantly to the national revolution and struggle for liberation. During war time, everyone listened to the radio. Now VOV remains an important channel in our society.”

For many people, listening to VOV is not only a habit but a fast and reliable source of information. Nguyen Van Toan, a VOV listener in Que Vo district, Bac Ninh province, says he regularly listens to the radio when he is on his car. “I’m a driver and I spend most of my time travelling. VOV is an informative channel. We don’t have much time to read newspapers or surf the Internet, VOV’s programs are very useful for us. Besides the news, VOV has fantastic entertainment and music programs. VOV Traffic Channel is a helpful channel for drivers to learn about traffic jams or what is happening on the road.”

In the national reform and international integration process, VOV has been a strong national communications agency with 7 radio channels, covering 97% of residential areas in Vietnam, part of the East Sea, and a number of countries.

VOVworld, or VOV5, broadcasts overseas programs in Vietnamese and 11 foreign languages. To serve the ethnic community, VOV’s ethnicity channel broadcasts in 12 ethnic minority languages. VOV has 17 TV channels, two online newspapers at vov.vn and vtc.vn, and a printed newspaper. VOV has 6 domestic bureaus and 10 overseas bureaus.


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