“Another beautiful day”

(VOVWORLD) -In 13 July, 2018 we are going to built the playground for children in Hoà Bình Province. That is my impression for this project. Because that is another beautiful day about to be volunteer in this time. I am really impressive in everyone’s smiling for helping together.
“Another beautiful day” - ảnh 1

This experience teaches me to learn good thing in real life and this project teaches to know about valuable life. Because I think to be volunteer and make merit. That is the best thing in our life. Moreover, I can adjust this activity in my life. I want to teach my students to be volunteers and love to make merit.

Finally, I want to say thank you for Thai - Vietnamese Youth exchange Program. They are giving the best opportunity to me. I am really impressive in everything of Vietnam and this project. Thank you very much “Another beautiful day” - ảnh 2“Another beautiful day” - ảnh 3“Another beautiful day” - ảnh 4
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